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These three pictures are credited to Bob Tullius. 

"Russell Tullius, Bob's son sent me some photos of the time when Mike Rothschild and his wife and I were on our way to LeMans by car from Paris, this is 1963. We stopped in a little town and bought food and then went into a forest and had a picnic."   Kas Kastner

Kas - the man with the bagettes
Mike Rothschild - Red tie, his wife Hanne in yellow dress
Other couple, unknown



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Mr. Bob Oker 1957 Sebring.  "In Front".   He drove this car for 11 hours and 6 mins out of the 12 hours!  He was teamed with Ed Pennybacker. 

If you scroll down below in the thumbnails in row #5  find Bob Oker driving the #59 Morgan just ahead of #149 Big Ed Kretz in the #149 Triumph.  Later, Bob drove the #149 Nick Paster TR while wearing his #59 helmet.  In Row 12 see Big Ed Kretz in the #149.


Kodachrome image below is coutesy of Mr. Robert Johns -He took this  photo at the start of the 1957 event.  He and Mike drove #34 to a class win. The Record books are incorrect and will be changed.   You will notice that #33 is already moving and way ahead of the field passing the Ferraris.  # 34 Mike Rothschild is still buckling up.   



Robert Johns (in Glasses behind the Trophy) and Mike Rothschild (with right hand holding same)  share in the 1957 class win.  Bob Oker (stiped shirt and  Ed Pennybacker beside and to the right).  Ken Richardson on far left.   Alan Bethel is the face behind Rothschild.

This plaque was given to Rothschild/Johns by the Triumph Factory Representative,  Alan Bethel.  The original Bowls awarded them at Sebring went to the UK to Standard Motors.  Their whearabouts unkown.

Pits 1957

Bottom row... from Left to right...

Bob Oker, Ed Pennybacker, Mike Rothschild, Bob Johns

Top row... from Left to right..

Alan Bethel, Hanne Rothschild (Mikes wife.. one of the first ladies alowed into the pits).  Others are unkown to me.


If you scroll down to the thumbnails below the third row from the bottom you will find a Team photos  from 1957 small mouth #34 TR and 1958 Sebring with #33 -a wide mouth TR3.



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Kas Kastner's carb tuning bits.